Solo Exhibition: Atsuo Okamoto

2003.3.31. - 4.12. Gallery YAMAGUCHI- 1F & B1

I basically developed the work of "World Turtle Project" in the exhibition.
I showed mainly "Memorial Volume -turtle" that is the first project and some new project's works.
Concerning "Memorial Volume -turtle", I put all pieces together just one day before opening of the exhibition at the gallery, it appeared very beutiful clump of stone, every piece has absorbed own color from each environment.
Some pieces haven't come back yet, these pieces are from the east part of Canada, Moscaw, Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria. I hope these stones will come back, but they might have already acquired the citizenship as a natural stone in each cuntry. I would like to meet them in the future.
Please peruse "M.Volume" in the Turtle Project page.
Please peruse "Volume of Lives" and "W. pave" in the Turtle Project page.

memorial volume-1
"Memorial Volume - turtle" 2000-2003
the first floor